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*笑笑 had many years of massage experience, 100% no bullshit*
*100% REAL PHOTO! 照片保证是她本人!*

Personal Data

Name : 笑笑
Age : 29
Origin : China
Ht/Wt : 162/48
Bustline : 36C NATURAL
Languages : Chinese & Simple English

[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins]

[Whole Body Massage & Oil] [全身按摩推油]
*She will be in her sexy lingerie w G-sting 性感睡衣+丁字裤*
Chinese style massage/ Shiatsu/ Thai style massage/ Swedish style massage
全身中医推油/ 指压/ 泰式按摩/ 瑞士推油

-Physical relaxation
Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
-Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
-Release of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
-Greater flexibility and range of motion
-Enhanced energy and vitality
-Help heal scar tissue as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle tears

[5G Autoroaming] [触摸全身] 
*Roaming of WHOLE body is allow during the whole session*

[Head & Abdomen Treatment] [头和腹部按摩] 
*While Laying On The massage Bed, Be Pampered By Her Massaging Your Head & Abdomen Area*

[HDLY] [海底捞月] 
*Performing erotic hand movement on your dick and balls*

[Juagen] [专业正宗抓根]
*Your manhood therapy. She will massage acupoints around your balls and penis with good hand movement.
To Promote Better Sexual Life*

[Teasing Massage] [调情按摩] 
*Her magic finger will make you shiok shiok & song song*

[BooBs Massage] [胸推]
*She is a Real Teaser & knows how to use her boobs to arouse you!*
*Please take note this service only avail when you opt for 90 mins package!


[Mo Sha/Body Scrub] [磨沙]
*Exfoliating & Refreshing Of Your Body. Your First HJ Begins Here*

[69Hand job] [69打飞机]
*This Is Her ULTIMATE Showdown! She will position herself in 69 and you know what to do next. Be Taken Aback By How GOOD She Is Able Pump Your Sexual Adrenaline To Da Max! Her gentle touch and slow body touch will make you surrender in no time*

[Attitude & GFE] [服务态度/女朋友感觉]
*Guarantee good attitude and good massage, not a time watcher & powerful kc feel.

*Services She Don’t Perform/Allow

Her Charges:

$100/Whole Body Massage + Head & Abdomen Massage +
$150/FULL Massage Package + Boobs massage胸推 +

笑笑 ☎ 8320 5807 ☎ 笑笑
All races all welcome 



  • Oppa January 27, 2018 - 4:26 pm Reply

    visited this lady yesterday and here’s my fr

    im always worried that i met overrated new ML and ended in disappointment but this lady is worth for every penny.

    Great serivce oriented,friendly, nice figure and naughty.

    location : near mrt
    looks : 7/10 slutty
    body : 7/10
    massage: 10/10 (very gd thumbpress)
    hj: 11/10 (mus try)
    catbath: 10/10

    will def rtm, a great gem not to miss for massage lover with great ending

  • Victor Heng October 26, 2017 - 7:06 pm Reply

    笑笑 massage is very good, relaxing and hit all the right spots with the right amount of strength. Services rendered all very song also. She started her BM with her boobs massaging my back, then turned over my body and she continued doing it with my chest, down to the dick and balls, legs too.

    When she saw my dick is hard enough, she continue with her professional JG, to ensure I didn’t shoot before the grand finale. She lie beside me, allowing me to kiss and lick her sensitive nipples and nice natural boobs, while she keep stroking my dick and balls.

    It didn’t take long before I shoot all my load onto her hands, and quite a bit landed on her tummy and thighs. After that she helped to cleaned me up before excusing herself to wash up, while I rested. Then I was ushered to wash up.

    Overall session is satisfying and worth visiting.

  • Kimmer October 26, 2017 - 7:05 pm Reply

    Never had a better massage than the one Xiao xiao gave me. Her massage is strong and they all hit the right spots. She can also hold a great conversation while working on my tight muscles. Her hj is very sensual and allows touching everywhere. She makes me feel that she desires my touches and lickings and kissings. And I am not just another customer she had to service.
    I just enjoy how she squirms and breath deeply, and her soft moans into my ears while she plays with my dick while laying beside me and me gently touching her body.

  • 小坏蛋 October 23, 2017 - 10:21 pm Reply

    Had 90mins session with 笑笑 yesterday. Her massage is really fantastic, especially the body scrub part. She’s very attentive. Her hands and fingers did a lot of sexy moves, and used warm water to help me getting used to it. She even off the aircon when doing the body scrub. She’s worried that I might feel too cold whilst doing the body scrub. My whole body is being throughly “scrubbed” by her.

    From the neck down all the way to back, butt crack and the soles of my foot. Then turned my body body, she slowed down, and did teasing scrubbing on my nipples down the tummy to my little bro, which already has marikita for the past few minutes. Standing in full attention, awaiting for her hands to do the teasing scrub. She slowly used her palms to “scrub” the tip of my little bro, then used her fingers to rotate around it. Slowly, going down all the way to the balls, then cleansing her hands in the bowl of clear water which she prepared earlier.

    After that she continued her ritual of using one palm on the penis head then using her 5 fingers to rotate around the penis head again and again, the other hand is massaging the balls at the same time. Until I “begged” her to sit beside me, and I caressed her boobs playfully. Circling my fingers around her pointy nipples. She let out soft moans as we “tortured’ each other.

    As my cum is rushing out, i let out a soft Aarrgghh…. and she kissed my left cheek, saying cheekily, “Finally, I got you, little naughty egg (小坏蛋,终于被我搞出来了)”. After that, she helped me to wash up and get dressed. Paid her + tips and left with lots of fun memories.

  • HeinekenBeer September 20, 2017 - 4:49 pm Reply

    笑笑 is very friendly and gentle. Speaks softly and high GFE feel. All out to please attitude, no rushing at all. Helps me to massage away my soreness on my shoulders after game of tennis on weekend. Tried her mosha and felt that my back is like baby skin, according to my girlfriend. She even teased me saying next time must bring her again to do mosha too. She also want to have skin like me.

    As for roaming, she is very open to touching but no fingering. And her HJ is good and got lots of ball massage which I loved. One of the good ones around. Will go back for more.

  • SuperStar77 September 11, 2017 - 6:33 am Reply

    Yesterday went to look for 笑笑 for massage. When she opened the door, i saw a sexy lady in her translucent nightie. She ushered me inside, and I stripped down to my birthday suit. Laid on the bed and enjoyed her massage. her massage is really good and got ample strength. Dozed off a few times too.

    Then she started her BM with her big boobs brushing my back. Very nice feeling. Can feel that she’s very attentive and covered most of the G-spots. I almost shot everything on the bed w/o her doing HJ or JG.

    Turned over my body, and she started more teasing and professional JG. Felt a bit for soreness on the balls and shaft. She mentioned that it’s due to me drinking too much cold drinks and eating cold food like sushi. Think I need to cut down on beer, soft drinks to get a good solid erection. Hahaha…..

    When the session ended, I paid her dues + a little tips. Will definitely try the 90mins next time around

  • rocknroll September 2, 2017 - 12:50 pm Reply

    Manage to get a slot with xiaoxiao yest and i can say the whole session is awesome!

    Location is easy to locate as direction is clear given by her.

    Room is very clean which i prefer.

    I request her to bath with me and she is ok with that, we strip to our birthday suit and I’m stunt for a few seconds as she has a pair of huge beautiful melon, she saw me staring at her and she is quite shy and slap me on my arm and hold my hand to the washroom. While she is showering me, i can’t help and my hand start to fondle her c cup boobs and she say im very tiko, haha, I told her that i just want to make sure whether is natural or not, haha.

    After the shower, she ask me whether i want her to hj for first round anot and ofcos is my ans as my dick already standing rock hard. She start teasing me with her boobs and some licking on my body before applying oil on my dick, she lay beside me and start moaning and her hands start to stroke my dick, ofcos i won’t let my hands so free, she stroke me i fondle her breast and play with her nipple, this was too much for me and i shot out in a very short time. After that i shower again and lay on the massage bed prepare for her to massage. For the rest i will not write in detail, for u guys to find out, haha.

    Looks 7
    Boobs natural c Cup
    Massage 8
    Hj 10 manage to cum twice
    Gfe 9

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