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*This special service apply on 60mins & 90mins package*

*Vivi had many years of massage experince, 100% no bullshit*
*100% REAL PHOTO! 照片保证是她本人!*

Personal Data

Name : Vivi
Age : 29
Origin : China
Ht/Wt : 158/43
Bustline : 34B
Languages : Chinese

[If There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90 Mins]

[Shower together] [鸳鸯洗浴]
*She will strip and shower with you*

[Whole Body Massage & Oil] [全身按摩推油]
*She will be fully nude 一丝不挂*
-Physical relaxation
Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
-Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
-Release of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
-Greater flexibility and range of motion
-Enhanced energy and vitality
-Help heal scar tissue as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle tears

[Japanese Back to Back Massage] [日本式B2B全身按摩] [As Per Jap Style Massage, She Will Apply Nuru Gel & Will Use Body To BodyStyle To Grind & Massage Your Whole Body!] *Both of you will strip naked and she will use a water based gel and start grinding and teasing your whole body sexily and sensually! SUPER SONG!*

[5G Autoroaming] [触摸全身]
*Roaming of whole body is allow during the whole session*

[Head & Abdomen Treatment] [头和腹部按摩]
*While Laying On The Steam Bed, Be Pampered By Her Massaging Your Head & Abdomen Area*

[HDLY] [海底捞月]
*Performing erotic hand movement on your dick and balls*

[Juagen] [抓根]
*Your manhood therapy. She will massage acupoints around your balls and penis with good hand movement. To Promote Better Sexual Life*

[BooBs Massage] [胸推]
*She will use her boobs and nipples to massage you, shiok!*

[69Hand job] [69打飞机]
*This Is Her ULTIMATE Showdown! She will position herself in 69 and you know what to do next. Be Taken Aback By How GOOD She Is Able Pump Your Sexual Adrenaline To Da Max! Her gentle touch and slow body touch will make you surrender in no time*

[Attitude & GFE] [服务态度/女朋友感觉]
*Guarantee good attitude and good massage, not a time watcher & powerful kc feel.


*Services She Don’t Perform/Allow

Her Charges:

$100/SPECIAL SVC + Whole Body Massage + Head & Abdomen Massage + HDLY With 2xHJ/60 Mins
$120/SPECIAL SVC + Whole Body Massage + Jap B2B Massage + HDLY With 2xHJ/60 Mins
$160/SPECIAL SVC + FULL Massage Package + Jap B2B Massage + HDLY With 2xHJ/90 Mins

*This special service apply on 60mins & 90mins package*

Vivi ☎ 9131 7821 ☎ Vivi



  • 妖怪 February 6, 2018 - 10:33 pm Reply

    Tried booking her for quite awhile but guess she was busy and didn’t respond. Decided to try again and she responded! Got an immediate booking and headed down.

    Looks : 7.5 / 10
    Boobs : 7.5 / 10 ( happy B )
    Nuru massage : 9 / 10 ( really does put in effort and give you a good time. Must try! )
    Massage : 7 / 10 ( just enough to ease pain )
    HDLY : 9 / 10 ( knows how to tease and stroke you the right way! Try not to cum bros! )
    GFE : 8.5 / 10 : ( she knows how to break the ice and treats you well )
    RTM : yes!

  • Veron January 23, 2018 - 7:58 am Reply

    Wanted to try a different ML today and decided on VIVI. Turns out to be an excellent choice.
    Looks – Very attractive, have the wife next door looks whom you wish was your own wife.
    Body – She is petite,slim and slender, the kind of figure of magazine model.
    Massage – Attentive to your request and make her best efforts to relax your tensed muscle.
    Nuru – BEST EVER. i had tried many so call Nuru but VIVI is surely definitely know what’s she is doing and she will really bring u to heaven.
    Sensual /HJ – Cannot tahan long seeing such a sexy young wife next door HJ me, feels like a dream come true.
    GFE – Very nice to chat to, make you feel like you are having a relaxing dating session with your pretty lover.
    RTM – Confirm. Can’t wait to quickly see this lust.

  • Jason January 22, 2018 - 8:03 am Reply

    Since there is already some many Fr for VIVI, i just highlight on my side, she is definitely a teaser and looker, great massage plus Nuru, i had tried a few Nuru but no one come near to hers, so looks no further, VIVI is the one.


  • SeaCucumber6 December 23, 2017 - 3:27 pm Reply

    Here’s my brief FR on VV ;

    Managed to book a slot with XX last rainy weekend.
    Location & parking was good.
    As per some bro had mentioned before… VV does look a bit like 张曼玉 or the ex-Mediacorp actress that looks like 张曼玉.
    VV is very friendly and I can see that she aims to please + serve.
    Was feeling kinda cold due to the heavy rain but once inside the room, she served me a cup of warm tea… very soothing indeed.

    Was asked to strip naked next, and laid on the massage bed for her mosha.
    Her mosha was very much to my liking… warm and very sensual.
    There was a lot of teasing my nips + rubbing my balls + stroking my manhood. Heavenly! and my manhood was easily erected!

    Next, she auto strip herself naked (VERY NICEz!) and went to shower with me.
    I did nothing during the shower except chatting with her… cos basically she’s doing all the work of washing away the mosha.
    More balls & manhood arousal during the shower as she helped wash my crotch area. Wah… erected again… Hehehe…

    Dried up and laid on bed again for the massage.
    Massage skill is OK and definitely not the piano type.
    We chatted much during the massage and then came the heated herbal packs.
    I must say that I’ve never tried this before and it felt good for me… maybe cos of the cold rainy day.

    Next she did a bit of boobs massage with slight moans here and there.
    After that, she brought me to my fours and proceeded with HDLY… 3rd erection. Wow!
    Was told to flip over and I managed to rest my shaft for a brief moment as I chatted with her again.
    Soon after, she started to lick my nipples while stroking slowly at my manhood.
    I reciprocated via licking / sucking her nipples and body as well.
    She gave a few small moans and continued to stroke my shaft slowly… no rush at all… Heavenly!!!
    I held on as much as I could but there was too much arousal in the whole session… my manhood stood up for the 4th time and I finally caved in.

    All in all, VV is a very friendly and service orientated lady.
    She really goes the extra mile to serve and please.
    She is indeed a worthy Gem.
    Hope to RTM her again soon.

  • helilancer December 21, 2017 - 5:54 pm Reply

    My turn to do a FR on vivi

    Visited her on a weekday night last week. Last minute call her, did not expect to get a slot, but so happen got.

    Yes is a small condo unit in the east, got free parking somemore.

    Small sized lady, can say she is young MILF.

    Started off with mosha, she wearing a nightie without bra and panties, allowed to autoroam. Then after mosha, she do the HJ first round.

    After HJ, she bath for me together, just stand still and she will shower everywhere.

    After shower, comes the massage with the hot packs on the back. quite nice the hot packs.

    Finale is HDLY, after a while, she ask me to lie down, she squat back facing me and HJ for me, her pussy in front of my face. quite special ah

    Cannot tahan, then shoot liao. Very long nvr do 2 shots in 1 hr!

    Overall rating 8/10!

  • coolieboy November 24, 2017 - 6:11 pm Reply

    She is the “old bird” sia. I only can say she is the top notch I ever come across so far. Location is best and super discrete. Those who never try nuru before please try else you missed out the fun part.

  • goodlover September 17, 2017 - 1:34 pm Reply

    Tried VV last night as I was browsing for a good massage after my soccer game.

    Fortunately, it was a fabulous experience.All these are worthwhile as her massage was as good as advertised. She was trained back home and her finger-press and strength control was excellent! Manage to massage me well and loosen all my tighten muscles.We proceed to shower as I requested and then started her sexy moves which show in her videos and this is the first time i experienced this type of service and i would say it’s a must to try!
    All the time, she was not rushing, takes her time well to cluddle with me. She will use her pussy act as a sponge to rub through my whole body and allow my hand to roam freely.

    She’s late 20’s but still maintained in good shape. Skin is fair and body contours are curvy and smooth. I must really made this point commendable as she really knows her strength and massage well.Her HJ is actually sensual and no hard feelings. Full of touches and definitely not that traditional type of pounding chillies. LOL… And her boobs massage with her moaning makes me cums in no time…. Just like having sex… Full of shiokness. Song Song till I’m lost…She’s a good chatter and the whole massage is full of topics.

    Feeling relieved that I’m well entertain and pleased by a nice masseuse.

    RTM – No problem.

  • RedEscape September 16, 2017 - 3:32 am Reply

    My very first MR in years…. was always lazy and relied on others MR. But upon vivi, i really feed this must be shared.

    Vivi service is something which really stands out from the crowd. The slippery gel massage is so sensational which really allows the 2nd run to be so smooth without sweat.

    Her petite built made the entire session even more desirable and returns is a must!~

  • bakah September 13, 2017 - 7:35 pm Reply

    Ok long time no play and no long time no write FR but at request of VV here is my honest FR.

    **I am not link to TS in anyway.

    About VV — Petite lady, MILF, Chatty, Service oriented, Not big boobs but everything else adds up to an excellent figure. Looks resemble Maggie Cheung somewhat. She showed a picture of her in her teenage years and boy does that look like Maggie Cheung when she first appeared on screen. Now she has a kind of “ancient beauty” to her just like Maggie Cheung now.

    Service Experience pt1 — The warm “mosha” was relaxing, no heavy scrubbing just enjoy the feeling of her rubbing the stuff over me was enough to get the circulation going. First HJ was a teaser with gentle flowing strokes and light cat bath here and there. Love it when she seductively whispered in my ear telling me the next round is where the real fun begins! So exciting and relaxed at the same time! What I did not expect was that she stripped naked and took me the shower She showered me clean and washed places where the sun don’t shine. Now I am clean, refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the session!

    Service Experience pt2 — Now please remember that it is just an hour session and by now 15-20mins would have already passed so get your expectations realistic on how much can be achieved in 60mins Went back to the massage bed and got covered up in towels for some proper massage and I stress PROPER. Massage proceeded for a short while before heat treatment was applied to neck and waist area. Don’t know what she used but felt like some kind of warm and I must say comfortable pillow. Any remaining stress or tension has disappeared by now. Was left like that for another short period of time to enjoy the warmth while she worked on the legs. Time is no longer something I can comprehend at this point but logically 20-30mins would have passed by now when she removed the heat therapy stuffs and began her HDLY. She has been naked all this time.

    Service Experience pt3 — HDLY was very sensual and there is a mirror at the side to see what she is doing to you. This was followed by her BM and teasing plus soft moans. I’ve forgotten my name at this point in fact I can’t even remember if the HDLY or BM came first! It was just so sensual! Asked me to turn around for the second HJ again the wonderful strokes and a lot more licking MEOW! I enjoy caressing her body during the part, her smooth skin, curves…what’s my name? We ended up in a 69 position. I’ve never had a 69 HJ before but her pussy and ass in all their glory was in my full view. All I needed to do was raise my head a little and I would be able eat her out but I did not and used my fingers to explore the petals of her flower instead. I did not last very long of course.

    Summary — Well worth it! It not just about shooting off a load or two when it comes to cheonging massage my brothers. Its about enjoying the whole process, the relaxation and the sensuality that comes with it plus the final climatic ending even though it is just a HJ. VV gives you all that. She is not new to this line so she knows what she is doing. She has many return customers and for good reason. Maybe you too will become a RTM as I know I will be.

  • Donny28 September 10, 2017 - 5:35 pm Reply

    Vivi is definitely a gem, glad i try her yest. Seeing her adv stated b2b massage and video showing her service, decided to give her a try.

    Teasing in bathroom is damn solid, had my first shot inside.

    Massage quite good base on her petite size.

    Nuru send me to heaven, body to body, boobs and pussy rubbing every part of my body , never had this type of experience before, shiok man.

    Hdly really awake all my senses, damn shiok!

    Autoroam everyway her body, nearly rape her, lol

    Hj best i ever tried, surrender my second shot in her hand.

    She is wild and playful, this 90 min is too short for me, nxt time will ask for 2hrs session. Definitely be her reg customer. Thank for sharing ts

  • honest fr September 9, 2017 - 1:31 pm Reply

    Here my honest fr on what i experienced.

    Special shower i can’t rate as this is the first time i try, all i can say it’s very relaxing and fun and ofcourse very shiok!

    Massage i would rate 8
    Not those piano type she knows her stuff well and every press 都到位, all this while she is fully nude.

    Hdly i rate 7 as i had better one but she sure not hjing, feel some pain but the feeling go off very fast

    Nuru this is the best part, i can’t rate as i really enjoy very much, it’s like what we watch in porn movies, body to body slide here and there, nearly can’t control myself and rape her, lol, A must try!

    Teasing part i would rate 8 , she really know how to tease and don’t give you if you know what i mean.

    Hj 8 i can’t describe, only thing i can say is not like up and down stroking but more then that, i try to tahan but fail. So far best hj i had.

    Attitude is very good, good chatter and very friendly, i would sure return for more.

    Overall to me she is a massage gem.

  • Charlton123 September 6, 2017 - 2:56 am Reply

    Fr for vivi
    Afternoon with nothing to do, looking through the site for something good and found her. Reached and found her not too much different from the pictures and I was alright with that. The room was clean and big. She help me undress and we proceed to shower. I am very excited then as i watch the video in her thread showing what she will do in the bathroom, i must say i am very happy that she really perform those stunt inside the bathroom.She was really professional.
    After the shower, she ask me if I wanted to use oil or powder for massage and i chose powder
    because going to meet the Oc later but she assured me that she could get rid of all the oil. I said ok and the massage started. Slowly but surely all my pains and aches were going away. It felt great. She told me I am sure to have a good nights rest tonight. I told her I was having a headache and she offered I give me a head massage. I fell asleep like a baby. When I woke I quickly glanced the time and it was past the hour mark. She then starts to stroke my dick and I was happy. Seems not only is the massage good is not a time watcher. She started to stroke my dick real good and I shot my load. I just lay there breathless and as she promised she started to wipe all the oil of my body.
    This girl has some skills! Would return massage any time I am free!!!

  • AppleOfMyEyes September 5, 2017 - 1:34 pm Reply

    Thanks TS for sharing her contact promptly.
    My FR as promised:

    As other bros have shared, the location is perfect as there are many parking space. Was served with warm water then ask to lay on the bed naked. So she did mosha, she keep arousing my balls and butt crack. Feels very comfortable and relaxing. then went to bath together, had some small talks, dried ourselves up then proceed to massage. She massage my back first then she will put the hot packets stuff on my back then massage my lower body.
    She did both hard and the arousing massage followed by rubbing her breasts on your back with moanings.
    She asked me to raise my butt then she start stroking and massaging my butt crack slide down to balls and my little bro.
    She asked me to flip over and start stroking my bro. Can autoroam anywhere plus she takes initiative to lick your nipples with moaning.
    After finishing HJ, help me clean up and bath again.

    Looks: 7.5
    Boobs : 7 (soft and abit saggy)
    Massage: 7.5
    Attitude: 8 (takes initative and friendly)
    HJ: 8 (sensual with soft moanings, also will simulate anal)
    The place is also looks clean and tidy. Feels comfy in the room. Massage until almost fell asleep. haha. Worth the money.
    RTM: Yes

  • BigBran September 2, 2017 - 1:20 pm Reply

    Just finished a session with her. I was a little confused as to where her location is at first but she patiently guided me to where she was. Arrived at her doorstep and was greeted by a gorgeous lassy. Asked if i wanted to shower so i said yes and took her up on her offer. Shower was not SOP at all she rubs you real good front and back with her ample assets. Makes you feel relax and not commercial at all.

    Went back to her room and went for my first round. I roamed all over as she was working on my shaft and exploded shortly after. She gave me pecks on the lips which i like.(Frenching is not a MUST for me) She keeps smiling at me and biting her lips which is rather cute and playful.

    Massage was really good for me, i am not a very large person so it does not a large amount of force for me to really feel a massage. She was very considerate and told me to tell her if she was too hard or soft. We chatted during the course of the massage, asked her about her family etc etc.

    After that went for round two, she moaned really loudly as i roamed her body once more and once again finished relatively quickly. We concluded the session shortly after. All in all no commercial feel and very patient. To top it off, she is nude the entire session as well.

    Looks: 7.5/10 (not SYT type but still looks good for me)
    Massage: 10/10 (with years of experience that makes u feel damn relax,not the piano type)
    Service: 10/10 (so far the best and she really do her job right)
    HJ: 10/10 (Best is the word, no rushing at all)
    Autoroam: Yes (Busy with that the whole time)
    Attitude: 11/10 (very friendly and polite lady)
    RTM: Yes, will recommend to friends too.


  • pendulum September 1, 2017 - 4:35 pm Reply

    Visit this vivi yesterday. Her looks belongs to those foxy type which i like. Chatting with her feel very at ease, though this is the first time i met her but she is very friendly and a good chatter. Definitely not those commercially ans one or two words.

    Foreplay in shower is intense, is not like she just want to go through the motion, i can feel it she also enjoy rubbing her body with mine, haha

    Her massage considered quite good. I request her to press harder and to my surprised she really had the strength although she is quite small size. She really put in her effort to make sure i had a good rub and on off she will ask whether I’m comfortable anot, very service oriented which i like it most. Most important thing is she is fully nude and allow my hand busy all the time.

    Hdly is done sensually which is hard to find nowadays.

    Hj is the best, she really can tease, it was really intense, it was literally wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, so powerful that i can’t stop moaning, shiok to the max.

    Gfe like i say in the beginning, she is a good chatter.

    Location quite discreet, one room apartment with toilet attach, a clean and relaxing place.

    Rtm is definitely for me as she told me she still had a lots of ‘kungfu’ i need to try.

  • natsteal August 30, 2017 - 4:31 am Reply

    I just got home and just starting to write what happened is giving me a hard on. To be honest I was bored and just chances upon her and seeing the price was reasonable and the looks ok ok, I just followed my dick’s instincts, when I got there I saw her and I would rate her face and figure 7/10 maybe my standards quite high hehehehe

    Main highlight i looked for vv is because of the special shower which i never tried before and indeed im not disappointed, the whole process is so intense that i nearly surrender before i come out from the bathroom.

    After the shower I lay naked in bed and made sure my 2ic was sticking out like I always do to give the girl full access to him whenever she wanted. *wink wink* the massage I would rate 9/10 because without me telling her she knew my aching points my lower back and neck. She zoomed into this two areas until the soreness went away not to mention stroking my 2ic every now and then. See my trick worked. Somehow she knew the aches were gone and started the sensual massage. I felt awesome and not to mention my 2ic had loads of attention because oft genius placing. Soon he became too hard for me to lay on my back. And made me cum in no time stroking and licking my nipples at the same time. She was giggling while helping me clean off all the cum I shot all over myself and refused to tell me why she was giggling. It was just too sexy for me. The hj I don’t know how to rate because I was about to erupt once she touched my 2ic.

    Ok enough I’m calling her again very soon

  • pleasureroom August 29, 2017 - 5:21 pm Reply

    Decided to write this report if not i think will not do her justice. All this years been a silent cheongters had some good ones and bad ones but recent years all the posting had not been truthful and bad report is more than good ones, after i tried her, she really remind me of those old good days therefore i must write this to return her hardwork. I will write it in point form as in how i feel.

    Face 7/10
    Body 8/10
    Massage 8.5/10
    Shower 9/10
    Others 8/10
    Nuru 9/10
    Roaming 9/10
    Gfe 9/10
    Attitude 10/10
    Rtm 100/100

  • Diamondplus2 August 28, 2017 - 12:24 pm Reply

    Managed to make an appointment and immediately rush to her place. Her apartment has a good shaded indoor parking lot. Went up the lift and was greeted by a friendly and pleasant lady. As said, she really looked a bit like 张漫玉 which is my cup of tea. She started with a warm and sensual Mosha and there was a lot of teasing on my sensible areas which includes rubbing my balls and stroking on my 2IC. It was really heavenly! No words can describe this kind of feelings! Damn Shiok! Make you high like crazy!!!! First round of firing down.

    Then she helped me to shower. It was really erotic and both of us were naked and she was very service oriented as I did nothing during the shower while she did all the work in cleaning the mosha cream from my body. I managed to do my own roaming of her body. Her skin is smooth and her boos are soft to the touch.

    After the shower, I lay down and she gave me a soothing massage and a heat-pack herbal treatment on my back. As she proceeds down to my butt, she started teasing my butt hole and 2IC from the back and my 2IC had another hard on again. Turn around, I reciprocated by licking and sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy which was getting wet as well. She gave out a few soft moans and continued stroking my shaft slowly without rushing. I held on as much as I could but her teasing was too much for me to handle and I finally gave in.

    One word to describe the whole massage session – Two Thumbs Up!!!!!!

  • xanxus August 27, 2017 - 6:32 pm Reply

    Decided to try Vivi after reading the post.
    All I can say is top service with nice special…money well worth for a good release and relaxes my muscles…

  • relax August 26, 2017 - 4:36 pm Reply

    Visited VIVI a couple of weeks back. Location easy to find and discreet. She looked foxy and sexy. We started off by soaping me while sitting down, rubiing her pussy on my arm. Sibei kinky. After drying up, gave me a very sensual handjob. Cannot tahan and indicated to her I want to lick her pussy. She quickly climbed up the bed and positioned warm moist pussy in front of my face. Immediately licked her. Tasty oyster and made her cum a couple of times before I surrenderd my armies in her hand. All this action was reflected by the wall mirror as if it’s been recorded, it’s me me very excited, lol.

    After that, she did a massage for me and finished off with another handjob. Unfortunately, she did not allow fj, if not I would have screwed her on the spot. Come to think of it, it is really like a secret session with your neighbour’s chio housewife.

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